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Currently open for new referrals with spaces available on Thursdays.



"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." - Carl Rogers

Our first session is an opportunity for you to meet me and see how comfortable you feel. It's a chance for you to go deeper into what has brought you to counselling and talk about your hopes and goals for the therapy. In turn, we will discuss how I can help you, what to expect in counselling and finally decide on a duration for the counselling. This varies for many people, but the minimum is usually 6 sessions and appointments are weekly.
If you are ready to dive into the therapeutic process, then counselling is for you. Regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or  life story, the aim is the same: for the counsellor and the client to develop a trusting, accepting and empathic relationship that will deepen your personal sense of self and empower you to realise your potential. 
It may be that this is the first time you have sought help. Understandably you are wondering what to expect. By taking that first step to come to counselling, you have created an important window of time for yourself, and this in itself can be a valuable therapeutic step. As a counsellor, it is not my job to offer you advice or my personal judgements or opinions. However, it is my job to create the conditions for you to safely and confidentially explore your personal history and current circumstances deeply enough for you to better understand yourself, your patterns of behaviour and your experiences. With this understanding comes the power to make the changes needed to improve your emotional and psychological wellbeing.  At counselling you will feel accepted, understood and supported. You may also feel challenged, uncomfortable and upset as difficult feelings are given permission to surface. But you are not alone, as my role is to be alongside you all the way.
This is all part of the process of therapeutic counselling,  so it's important that you allow yourself some quiet time after a session to integrate your experience. It is also important that you honour the therapeutic process by committing to your weekly session.
THE FIRST STEP - Get in touch.
I know that taking the first leap and getting in touch isn't easy, so I will make it as straight forward for you as I can. Drop me an email and let me know, in brief, what the issue is that you'd like to deal with. It's also helpful if you let me know your preferred appointment time and whether you are local to Frome or Bristol. I will then get back to you to arrange an initial appointment.

Initial telephone consultation: free (15 minutes)

First session at special rate: £45 (50 minutes)

  Thereafter, each weekly session is £55.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.




I provide a confidential and safe space for you to explore a variety of issues. In counselling, I aim to develop a trusting relationship which is non-judgemental and wholly accepting of the individual and his or her own unique way of navigating life. Because we are all unique, different approaches may be called upon to address individual needs, so while I use a combination of psycho-analytic, humanistic and mindfulness methods, I am also flexible and attuned to your pace and requirements.

I bring a broad range of experience to my practice stemming from previous work at Southside in Bath (domestic abuse), Turning Point in Trowbridge (addictions) Help Counselling Service (general) also in Trowbridge and We Hear You in Frome. I have experience of working with a range of issues such as:

depression              anxiety                                    relationship and family difficulties 

self esteem             domestic abuse                    bereavement                 

grief                          life changes/ transitions     self exploration/development


I trained at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling which integrates Humanistic and Psychodynamic approaches and I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). This means that I am bound by the BACP's code of ethics and as a further measure of  practising safely and ethically, I also undertake monthly supervision. 

I have a personal interest in working creatively and using creative tools to deepen our understanding of our own processes and gain access to parts of ourselves which may be hidden from our awareness. Working creatively can also be helpful when talking becomes difficult and other means of expression are needed. 

I have undertaken CPD in areas of creative therapy techniques such as Therapeutic Sandtray Interventions, which I incorporate into my practice along with my training in Mindfulness and EFT. I am also a trained nature connection facilitator and can work with you to explore how you can improve your wellbeing through your relationship to nature.


I grew up in Australia and migrated to the UK in 2010. Prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked for many years in broadcasting, spinning a multitude of plates, but one of my favourite roles was writing for children's television. I continue to write for children and my work is now published by Quirky Kid.

I am available for short term counselling (minimum 6 weeks) or long-term therapy from my practice in Frome, Somerset.



Frome, Somerset



07716 351 171


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